Note: These statements are subject to change. Last updated 2/4/23
Acrylic paintings are hand-painted using lightfast acrylic paints.
Realism portraits are varnished with a removable gloss varnish over an isolation coat of a gloss medium.  \Painterly portraits are varnished with at least a couple coats of a gloss medium.

Archival cotton or linen canvas boards are my standard surfaces for realism acrylic portraits. Unlike a typical stretched canvas, a canvas board is canvas glued to a rigid sheet of tempered hardboard. Canvas boards are 3/16" deep which is much thinner than stretched canvases, so they need to be framed* to cover the edges and prevent warping.

Painterly portraits are painted on 1 1/2"-deep stretched cotton canvases and are ready to hang on the wall or display on a shelf. The edges are painted to match the portrait.

Watercolor paintings are hand-painted and hand-drawn using lightfast watercolor paints and lightfast India ink, and are not varnished or matted.
 Watercolor cartoon portraits are painted on 140-pound, 100% cotton, cold press watercolor paper. Watercolors are sensitive to water and should be framed* under glass or stored in acid-free sleeves.

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Displaying and storage: Avoid displaying or storing your painting where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture/high humidity, or very high or low temperatures. Do not keep the painted surface in contact with bubble wrap, glass, or other painted surfaces as they may stick to and/or peel the paint.

Cleaning: Brush painting with a very dry, clean, and soft brush (I use a paint brush) to remove dust and dirt.

Framing: Using acid-free and archival framing materials, including the mat and backing board, will ensure your painting will last. Watercolor paintings should be framed using a mat under glass. Acrylic paintings can be framed without glass.

Note: I find that canvases are often a tad larger than the written dimensions and will not fit in many store-bought, ready-to-use frames. *I currently do not offer a framing service.