Note: These statements are subject to change. Last updated 4/23/21

I retain the copyright to all artwork I create which includes but is not limited to preliminary sketches, progress photos, completed pieces, and the digital forms of these. You may not reproduce, offer for download, or alter any of my artwork without prior written approval from me. I currently do not sell usage rights for or license any of my artwork. You may share images of my artwork as long as credit is given to GSC Artwork, but you may not sell them.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission or request regarding a commissioned piece at any time for any reason. I do not have to state the reason. I will not paint or draw copyrighted characters, costumes, and other material from movies, comics, video games, etc., or holiday-themed toys, costumes, decorations, etc.
By sending me reference photos you certify that you are allowed to have those photos reproduced and that I am allowed to use those photos to create a painting to sell to you.  I may ask for the name and contact information of the photographer and ask them directly for permission to avoid copyright infringement.  You agree to allow me to save the reference photos to my computer and other devices, edit them, and print them out on paper. Even though I retain the copyright to all of my artwork, including your custom painting, the reference photos will remain the property of the photographer and I will be careful not to use them for any other purpose without the photographer's permission.
A signed Commission Agreement and a deposit are required before I start work on a custom painting. The deposit is nonrefundable unless I do not complete the painting within a year of receiving the deposit or I refuse to complete the painting.